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Hello and welcome to Building Blocks, a site dedicated to the game Babyz!
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Day: Saturday, January 20th 2003
Time: 7:10 PM

-Hello! Thanks for the nice comments on the forum everyone!
It means a lot to me!

-My email button was messed up, but it's fixed now! Sorry!

-We got no entries b/c of the email prob :*(. Please
enter the pageant or BC Baby, thanks!!:)

-More Tomorrow!!-


Homepage Site

The homepage site is a site that I change
everyonce in awhile. It's a site that I think
is really good and deserves the spotlight!


This site is so good! Kristen puts a lot of effort into her site,
and I think it deserves to be the Hompage Site!

Cliques n' stuff!

I'm a proud member of the Babyz Brigade!

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but I will be mad if you just take it.