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Here's an area where you can come to play some Babyz related games! Have fun!

Game 1:

Continue the Story! I'll start a story and then you'll add on and then another person will add on to that and on to that...and so on! Thanks to Kristen of Starberry for this idea!!

-Monday was Regina's first day of school. She was scared that she wouldn't be able to maintain her site and stuff while school was happening. So she decided to close. Many people cherished her site and were sad. After a couple of days someone opened a site w/ the same name! She .... created by me! Continue from there!:)

Game 2:

Here's a quizlet! If you know the answers, email me and I'll give you an

Topic: The Cosby Show

1. What is Denise's step daughter's name?
2. What are all of Claire and Cliff's children's names?
3. What is Pam's friend's name?

Ok, answer those questions and you'll get an award!

Game 3:

Oh no! Gena lost her drum! Please find it on
any one of the pages on the site! If you find it
click on it and you'll get a special award!

       Please find my drum!
                                                               Bitmap Image<--- that's what it looks like!