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Are you thinking of adopting a babyz? Well then this is the place to be!!

>>You can only adopt one babyz *or one set of twins* per month<<

In order to adopt one of these cuties, you must
put the following info in your email.

-Your Name
-Name of babyz you want to adopt
-How many babyz do you have already?
-Why do you think you'd make a good parent
for this baby? *3 sentences long or more*
-Site URL if you have one(if not leave it blank)

If you'd like to put a babyz up for adoption, include the following
things in your email:

-Name of Babyz
-Your Name
-Info On Babyz
-Url if you have a site (if not just leave it blank!)
And of course the file of the babyz!!

Here are the babyz!
*You can rename the babyz when they are adopted!*

Name: Shannon
Foster parent: None
Info: Shannon is an Irish babyz! She was born on St. Patricks
Day! She has the SWEETEST smile ever! If you adopt her,
you'll have a blast w/ her!

Name: Danielle
Foster parent: None
Info: Dani is one of the cutest babyz around! If you adopt her,
I'd recommend that you only have 1 or no babyz. She needs more attention
then other babyz in order to be happy.

Name: Andrew William
Foster parent: None
Info: Andrew!! He's such a great babyz! I hate to give him up.
My family was HUGE and nobody can deny that. I feel
that if I put him up now, he'll get a home
for the holidays. Please think about adopting this
bundle of love!
*Updated required a couple days after
adoption b/c he was my babyz!

Name: Heather Leann
Foster parent: None
Info: Heather is a baldie! She loves playing and clapping!
She is such a  doll! I hate to put babyz up for adoption...
especially balds. Why? Because not many people
are obessed w/ balds as I am, and I'm afraid that
if I put her up she'll never be adopted. PLEASE!
adopt this wonderful little girl full of love!
*Update required a couple of days after
adoption b/c she was my babyz!

Name: Rachel Emilina
Foster parent: None
Info: Rachel is one of the cutest little babyz I've ever seen!
I <3 how her bobbles match her eyes! The color is great!
Rachel is one of the FRIENDLIEST babyz I've ever had!
Please think of adopting this sweet heart!
*Update required a couple of days after
adoption b/c she was my babyz!

I hope you chose to adopt one!!:)