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My Babyz
This page is dedicated to my babyz! Without them, there would be no such
thing as the BC!

Those are all 5 of my babyz!

Name: April May
Development: Standing
Info: I adopted April a little while after I adopted Melody. I love balds, and I knew right off the bat that she and Mez would get along, and I was right! April has one of the best personalitys that a babyz can have, and I'm very proud of her.

Name: Gena Dominique
Development: 4 crawling
Info: I was going through codes one day, and I came across Gena. I love her dark blue eyes and her freckles. I adopted her, and her personality is as beautiful as she looks! She loves to play with the blocks and drink a nice warm bottle of milk!

Name: Louis Paul
Development: Standing
Info: Louis is such a great babyz!!! He is so patient and loving. He giggles all the time and loves to play with his younger brother Nick. Louis loves playing w/ the drum and he likes to eat peas!

Name: Melody Kat
Development: Standing, almost walking!
Info: Melody, she is my forever babyz. She was the first babyz I've ever adopted. She is the BEST babyz! She has the biggest smile and the cutest little giggle! I'm so proud to be her mother!!

Name: Nick Henry
Development: 4 crawling
Info: Nick is so cute! Anna offered to hex him for me, and I'm so happy with the way he turned out! He is soooo adorable and he has a great smile! Thanks a lot Anna!!